What We Offer

FRACTIONAL SALES & MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES provides contracted Part-time Sales Management and contracted management for companies where:

  • No Sales Manager is leading the team
  • You are the owner serving as the Sales Manager other key management position
  • You have an under-performing Sales Manager
  • You have a Manager that is performing tasks that is not in their core duties

The fact is, an experienced premium level Management Professional working with your team on a part-time basis will have a greater impact to your success than a full-time average performer.

You receive high level talent for a fraction of the cost.

It’s Serious Business

Ask Yourself

  • Do you need an experienced Sales Manager but hiring someone full-time doesn’t fit your current budget?
  • Do you see sales opportunities, but don’t have the time to manage and grow your sales team?
  • Are you missing the talent and resources needed to take your business’ revenues and strategy to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider the solution of an Outsourced Sales Manager.


Why It Works

Sales is an art. Anyone without true talent can paint by numbers. It takes a talented artist to create a masterpiece.

In this case, the masterpiece is your sales process. If you want to maximize your opportunities, you need a highly talented artist.

We are trained and have the seasoned experience to implement a proven sales process that works to your advantage.



How We Succeed

Fractional Sales & Management Associates create a manageable sales process and structure for our clients. We only engage in high impact activities that drive the business and sales process forward utilizing principles of sales to focus on 20% of the activities that generate 80% of the results.

Our process gives small to medium sized businesses high-value, experienced sales leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Sales Manager.



Sales Manager



Each week, your OSSM will spend a half day (additional time is available) working with you and your sales team. By analyzing existing processes and introducing effective sales tools, your OSSM will transform your team into a sales force.  



Our First Meeting

Mutual fit. We are only interested in working with clients where there is a good mutual fit and we assume you want the same. Our experience shows that engagements with a good mutual fit are long-lasting and beneficial for everyone.

We will perform a basic needs assessment. Our team follows a structured outline to access the improvement opportunities within your company. At the end of the meeting our group will share their findings with you.

Your team 

Each week your outsourced sales manager will spend a half day (additional time is available) working with your company and team to perform the high impact sales management activities that will drive your company’s sales effort forward. We work on creating a repeatable sale process, managing a pipeline, and managing goals.

We make the team more effective and accountable by developing:

  • sales force automation
  • lead generation
  • sales training

Each program is custom tailored to our client’s needs. By building a sales system that is sustainable and precise, it will create a consistent success driven process for the entire team.

Fractional Sales & Management Associates and More

A Road Map for Success

We map a process that is tailored to your needs. We will assess your needs and provide you a detailed report and an executive summery based on your current sales process.

What to expect in the first 30 days of the program:

  • Full diagnosis of your sales process
  • Develop an action plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of your individual process and the skill levels of your sales team
  • Set up web-based sales tools
  • Train your sales team and management to use these online tools.
  • Launch your Action Plan

Identify Talent

Today’s talent market is driven predominantly by the candidate. The competition is fierce in acquiring talent and unlike years past, the best talent is working, happy, well paid and not looking for a job.

Gone are the days when you can post a job on your corporate website and get the premium talent you are looking for.

Acquiring the best talent starts with working with someone that understands talent. With a over 10 years experience in senior level executive search, we can help you identify, qualify and interview premium talent for your needs.

We will only recommend candidates that are qualified and interested in your open position. Let us help you build your team.  

For Talent Needs, Contact Us By Email

What Clients Say

“Engaging an outsourced sales manager has helped us tighten our sales process. Now we spend less money on marketing and  generate more sales per rep.”

Mike K

“The addition of an outsourced sales manager has freed me up to engage in more important business activities. My consultant not only freed up my time, he has increased our sales nicely while doing so.”

Jay G.